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The gloves fit well and would probably fit most, with large hands. they are warm and not hard to get off or on. I had no problem wearing them. they seem to be just I need for working outside or in side and of course in the garden where I need them. Thay can be hand washed and let to dry but not in a dryer. I would tell a friend to buy.
  Golden Son

I got these for comfy lounging shorts. Perfect for an evening of watching an Amazon Prime movie or relaxing on the porch sipping
a cold delicious.

  Stacy Ellaine Lisondra

My 7yr. old was thrilled when he got it for Christmas! Fits perfectly!
  Maha Amich

These pants are cool n comfortable but for me it was too lengthy. It is around 4 inches longer than usual medium size pants.
  Pierre Huguenard